About Us

Tech Pro Services is an industry leader serving the mid-Atlantic region in both personal and commercial technology.  Our technicians have over 40 years of combined IT experience. We are all about maintaining 100% customer satisfaction.


We are a managed service provider that offers a full range of solutions for Desktop Support, Network Design, Managed IT outsourcing services, Webhosting, Web Design and VoIP. With our recent acquisition of Camino-Net Internet Services, we now have a data center footprint to rival the competition.  Of course we provide one thing they don’t… EXPERTS in the field.


As a full service-managed service provider, we can help you no matter the size of your problem or issue. We have customers in over four states that range from home users to private companies, and boast a 100% customer retention rate.


Our network and data center are state-of-the-art and designed with the capacity to support hundreds to thousands of hosts simultaneously without service impact. Its fault tolerance was designed with multiple redundant back-up systems. From the most basic of printer setups to the most advanced multi-national Wide Area Network, we provide you with IT servers that are easy to use.


Our most valuable asset is the corporate culture we like to uphold. Unlike most national providers, we provide every customer with an individual attention to detail in every situation. Knowing our  customer’s needs, wants, and desires allows us to craft full service solutions that meet those IT needs. We have the people, the skills, and the TIME to devote to your project and company.


The qualifications of our owners are unmatched in the field.  With no less than A+ Certification, they too are active members of the company.  Unlike normal CEO’s who just run a company, our leaders truly lead in the industry. They like to remain deeply involved in the daily operations and take on multiple roles. They have a firm belief that the measurement of success is customer satisfaction, and that the only way for a customer to be fully satisfied is to make sure they get treated with the attention they deserve.