All-In-One Wireless

wireless network All In One Wireless

This is NOT your average home network.Tech Pro Services utilizes only the best and strongest encryptions and authentication methods to keep both you and your data safe.


While we utilize the most secure methods, we also make sure that your network productivity is not impacted. A wireless network is no good to anybody if it is not user friendly and easy to use. That is where we excel!


 Product SummarySetup of five total wireless electronic devices. Devices can be a mix of laptops, computers, and/or accessories (ie- tablets, cell phones, PDAs, WIFI TVs, media extenders, printers, game consoles, etc.)Price: $399.00

***Items required by customer***

  • Desktop computer must contain a wireless network card.
  • Desktops with no wireless network cards must be located no further than 7 ft from the router.
  • Access to an adequate Wireless Router provided through your high-speed/DSL Internet Provider. (if a router is not available, we will work with you to provide one at additional cost).
  • Additional devices can be connected at additional cost per item.