CCTV Security Monitoring System

cctv camera CCTV Security Monitoring System

Monitor your office or commercial job site from over the internet! These are high definition D1 (720P) video resolution cameras and have a much better video quality than the old analogs.


These video files come complete with audio to not only see but hear the action either in real time or recorded. Save yourself wear and tear on your VHS tape and only record when there is movement!


Remote access via web browsers or an android/iPhone app (cost per phone provider)

Also you can have it send out SMS or e-mail alerts to events . Get notified immediately even at 3:00 am if something is out of place.


Included with this is a 1TB Network storage unit to record all your videos and archive them for long term storage.


Utilizing the Motion sensory feature you should be able to record over 12 months of video on a single unit. (Your experience may vary by utilizations, movement and configuration instead)


Buffalo NAS devices for recording video, four high-speed performance IP cameras.


That is real security and peace of mind!


 Product SummaryA high performance camera with Pan/Tilt/Digital Zoom. It is more superior than the regular market IP camera. It boasts several features such as: CCD sensor, MPEG4/MJPEG, seven different motor speeds, full 30 fps at D1 rate of motion video with capability of recording, motion detection, and sending image to 3GPP.

Price: $2,900.00

***Items required by customer***

  • Home/Home-Office active wireless network
  • Remote access via Smartphone or internet device requires active internet service.


—additional camera and services customizations available at additional cost.