E-Office Connect

virtual private network E Office Connect

Connect your offices together to share network resources such documents, templates, etc.


Get rid of those pesky paper trails between offices!


No need to waste paper faxing between offices or sending large files via e-mail. Now you can just copy files from office to office 24×7.


Employees will be able to print to any of the three connected locations.


You can have conference calls and enjoy unlimited office-to-office calling included in the service price.


Any of the two phone number can ring to all five phones in multiple offices at once to allow a true single number to reach any employee at any location in the building.


With an E-Fax line, you will only need one fax line to communicate between all three offices. This saves you from wasting money per click when paying for three fax lines in three offices


 Product SummaryUp to three locations connected via VPN. Up to five phones with two phone numbers/lines, and one E-Fax-to-E-mail line

Price: $ 2,499.00 (one time fee)

$ 99.99 (monthly fee thereafter)

***Items required by customer***

  • Active Internet Service
  • VPN Router/Switch
  • Existing and Functioning Network setup Separate Email Address for E-fax Function


__Printer and file sharing over VPN (optional services available if required)

— Techs may provide Routers/Switches at additional costs.

— Automatic Data Backup setup (available at additional costs)

— Additional phones and line services available at additional costs. (Phone line service is $29.99 per month each)