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Tired of the high cost of Cable or Satellite TV? Are you thinking about dropping your current provider? This is the solution for your home entertainment woes!


Netflix and Hulu are considered the top choice in digital entertainment and this is your opportunity to enjoy the best in Internet streaming media throughout your home.


Watch movies or television shows anytime you want without having to go around your house with various drives and disks. It all runs safely and securely over your home network without fear of intruders or hackers.


With this package, we are also including a 1TB shared storage drive for you to store all of your Digital Media and downloads safely and securely.


Sit back and enjoy unlimited Netflix and Hulu Plus television viewing of all the latest movies and TV shows. We even include the first three months free!


After that, should you choose to continue the service, the cost is only $9.99 for Netflix and/or $7.99 for Hulu Plus per month. (Netflix and Hulu will bill you separately, prices may change per provider)


 Product SummaryUp to four Wireless Media center devices (Western Digital TV Live)

Configuration of Wireless Network or Wired.

1TB media storage drive NAS


Price: $1,599.00

***Items required by customer***

  • Active Wireless Network
  • Active High-speed Internet