Residential PC Tune-UP

pc tune up Residential PC Tune UP

1. Uninstall all unused, pre-loaded (manufacturer installed) programs as per customer request.

2. Uninstall any programs unused within the last few months.

3. Delete any misc programs and cookies.

4. General cleanup with the use of several different programs.

5. Clean & Defrag Registry (file system).

6. Hard-Drive Defragmentation.

7. Get rid of ALL the start-up programs and other services that slow down PC at start-up.


 Product Summary: Your computer is an expensive investment, which is why it should be maintained properly. In the same way a car is tuned up and maintained (oil change, tire pressure, brake check, etc), a computer also needs the same kind of care to stay in tip-top shape.Price: $119.99 (1st PC)

$29.99 (Each Addt’l PC)

***Items required by customer***

  • Computer must boot to desktop successfully
  • User must provide username/password to Admin level account (not user level)

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