Wireless Network Design

wireless network Wireless Network Design
This is NOT your average home network. For your offices, we utilize only the best and strongest encryptions and authentication methods to keep both you, and your clients’ data, safe.

While we utilize the most secure methods, we also make sure that your business productivity is not impacted. A wireless network is no good to anybody if it is not user friendly and easy to use. That is where we excel! We can get your business up and running the first time. Our experts will come out to you to review your current wireless implementation and verify coverage, speeds, and latency to make sure it is performing up to business expectations.

If needed, they will discuss the option of changes to current wireless needs, future needs, and business legal requirements (ie-SOX, HIPPA, GLB, ETC) then craft the needed network design.

 Product Summary: 

A Wireless Network (WLAN) is one in which a mobile user can connect to a Local Area Network (LAN) through a wireless (radio/router) connection.

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Items required by customer:

  • High-speed Internet (if Internet access is required)
  • Router/switch
    — other options are available if required.
    — Techs may provide Routers/Switches at additional costs.


*other options are available if required.